Expat lifestyle: The Sydney city guide

September 25, 2014


When it comes to nations our customers target when looking to take on the expat lifestyle, there aren’t many more popular than Australia. With warm weather, iconic cultural landmarks and beautiful beaches, Sydney is one of the country’s hottest locations. If you’re looking at a relocation to Aus, and are considering Sydney as your new […]


Our expat guide to shipping your car

September 22, 2014


If you’re planning to take on the expat lifestyle, but want to retain certain elements of your home life, then something like a car can play a large role in helping you settle in your new location. If your motor is your pride and joy, and you fancy maintaining some elements of your pre-move life […]


Everything you need to know about moving house with a cat

September 16, 2014


Moving house can often be a stressful experience. From boxes packed with valuable items and family heirlooms to disassembled furniture, keeping track of your items is a demanding job, even for the most organised of people.   Add a cat (or several) to the picture and you have a seemingly impossible task. Cats can develop […]


Our top three cheap expat countries

September 12, 2014


In a time of global curiosity expats are willing to travel further afield and sample the unknown as they look to shake off the shackles of British living. This is coupled with growing financial insecurity and fluctuating currencies which means that those leaving the UK are looking to get as good a value as they […]


Expat guide to handling a language change

September 5, 2014


Moving to another nation and uprooting your current stable life can be a daunting prospect, however if you plan to take on the expat lifestyle life in a non-English speaking nation, the challenge can be even tougher. Unless you have years of education in hand, and a fluency in the language, it might take a […]


Unlikely expat jobs around the world

August 31, 2014


If you’re considering a move overseas, your job often plays an important role. Here at Robinsons, we recently took a look at some of the most ‘in-demand’ jobs for Brits wanting to start a new life overseas – as well as some of the more unusual roles currently sought. Based on data gleaned from our 15,000 international relocations […]


Packing tips for moving house

August 26, 2014


Whilst moving house can be stressful, if you get your packing right, it can greatly reduce the strain on you for the duration of the move, and ease you into the post move life, upon reaching your new home. With that in mind, here are our top three tips for getting your packing right. Keep […]


Moving day preparations

August 20, 2014

exp pack

When the big day arrives, it’s vital to be prepared. Whilst it’s a well renowned fact that moving day is a packed and often stressful period, if you prepare well, it can easily be a stress-less and and incident free time. Even if the worst occurs, and something unexpected crops up through the course of […]