Pre-move chores ahead of moving day

July 22, 2014


Moving home is a busy time, and with job after job being added to your ‘to-do’ list, it might seem like your big move is more trouble than it’s worth. There’s no doubting a move can be stressful, however it should also be a time of great excitement. Making sure you’re organised is the crucial […]


Cultural quirks: Five things the expat needs to know about South Africa

July 18, 2014


If you’re planning to cross to the other side of the globe, and the popular destination of South Africa is your potential new home, then we realise you’re probably under a lot of stress. The last thing you need to be worrying about upon arrival are some of the cultural changes you’ll have to acclimatise […]


Enjoying the summer expat lifestyle

July 17, 2014


When deciding to relocate abroad and take on the expat lifestyle, there are often many factors, and in many cases more rigid factors, such as a job and family take priority over the more ‘luxury’ reasons, such as cuisine, weather and local points of interest. If you’re considering the move however, and have free reign […]


Robinsons helps Abingdon charity with office relocation

July 15, 2014

Rob Relo CAB1

As part of our demonstrated commitment to the community, we’re always on the lookout for great causes to help out, and recently we got the perfect opportunity to offer help to local charity, the Citizens Advice Bureau in Abingdon. The charity planned a move into new, modern offices at Abbey House, Abbey Close, and we agreed to provide […]


Checklist for a smooth office move

June 27, 2014


Moving offices can be a stressful time and it’s easy to make mistakes. Unfortunately these mistakes can be costly, especially if you’re a small business, so we’ve put together a guide citing some of the key mistakes businesses make when moving and what you can do to rectify them. Taking it on yourself A move […]


Considerations for moving through the summer

June 26, 2014


We all know that a house move probably isn’t going to be the smoothest period of time for you and your family, and although we’d all love to pick the quietest and most convenient time to move, it unfortunately doesn’t always work that smoothly. If you’re planning a move this summer, here are the top […]


Settling into the expat culture

June 19, 2014


Taking on the expat lifestyle can be one of the most exciting points of your life, however it’s a big upheaval, and in many cases, it can take time to acclimatise to your new home environment. If you’ve opted to take the challenge and move overseas, you’ll want to make the move, and your settling […]


Dream expat destinations

June 16, 2014


A new study carried out by us here at Robinsons, has revealed Sydney is currently the most-sought-after world destination to move to, while bottom of the list comes Bahrain.  Our study questioned 1,000 UK expats on their ‘money-no-object’ dream international moving destinations, and was commissioned to help us better understand global moving trends. Coming top of […]