Name Size Dimensions Application Price
Book Box (S) 2 cubic feet 18 x 13 x 13 inches Bottles, Books, CDs, DVDs £2.95
Moving Box (M) 4 cubic feet 20 x 18 x 18 inches China, Glass, General £3.95
Large Moving Box (L) 6 cubic feet 30 x 18 x 18 inches General and taller items £5.50
Flat Box 5 cubic feet 35 x 18 x 10 inches Lay flat clothing, linens £4.50
Wardrobe Carton 10 cubic feet 18 x 20 x 48 inches Hanging clothes £12.50
Odds Box (Extra Small) £2.20
Archive Boxes 16 x 13 x 12.5 inches Archiving folders & documents £3.95
Mirror Picture Pack £5.00


Name Size Dimensions Application Price
Steel Laminated 40mm Budget lock £7.50
Brass 50mm Larger quality lock £12.95
Brass Combination 50mm 4 digit adjustable combination £14.95
Solid Body 60mm High bodied quality lock £16.95


Name Size Dimensions Application Price
Single Mattress Bag 86 x 40 x 12 inches £4.95
Double/King Mattress Bag 90 x 76 x 15 inches £5.50
Chair Cover (2 per pack) 76 x 42 inches £5.50
Sofa Cover 150 x 45 inches £5.50
Dust Cover £5.50
Floor Covers 600mm x 25 m £17.95


Name Size Dimensions Application Price
Small Bubble 50cm x 5m £5.00
Bubble Roll 50cmx 50m £29.50
Large Bubble Roll 50cm x 100m £37.50
Robinsons Bubble Sheet 1m x 10m


Name Size Dimensions Application Price
Packing Paper 5kg Wrapping china/glass/general £16.00
Acid Free Tissue 500 sheets Protecting valuables/silver £14.95
Removal Blankets 2m x 1.5m Furniture stacking/dust £7.50
Loose Fill Box fill £5.50
Packing Tape Clear PVC Vinyl 48mm x 66m Securing boxes £2.95
Fragile Tape Fragile 50mm x 66m Marking fragile boxes/packages £2.95
Tape Gun £11.00
Marker Pen Marking boxes £1.90
Measuring Tape 19mm x 5m £6.95
Unit Light (requires batteries) £5.50
Grip Gloves £3.50
Shrink Wrap £12.95

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