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How to choose the right removal company?

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Hiring the right removal partner is, without a doubt, quite a daunting task.  The spectrum of getting it wrong can be overwhelming: additional complications and potentially increased costs are indeed the last elements you want to be dealing with whilst moving home.

So how to choose the best removal company for your move? How do you actually define the “best” removal company? Is it based on reputation? On price? Availability?  How to avoid the pitfalls of removal and find the right removal company?

First step

The first step towards finding and selecting your removal partner is to aim at getting a minimum of 3 quotes. Although it is possible to use online quoting platforms, it is strongly recommended to contact local removal companies as they are more likely to know your location and charge lower mileage costs.

Talking about costs…

The cost of your move is mainly based on the volume of items you want to move, so organising a pre-move survey either onsite, or via video-link or with a thorough questionnaire is very important.  To receive an accurate quote, you must ensure that all areas of the property have been assessed and that every item needing to be moved has been included.

If you decide to generate your own quote whilst using automated volume assessment calculators online, please beware that you are likely to receive a low quote to get your business first.  However, the risk of increased charges come moving day is likely to be greater.

Why you shouldn’t choose just based on price

Although price is a key component which must always be carefully considered, it should not be the main selection criteria when it comes to choosing your removal company.

Opting for reputable companies with credentials and professional accreditation like the BAR membership is indeed paramount.  After all, you are looking for a solution not an additional headache!  Accredited removal companies have the duty to maintain the highest standards of equipment, facilities, staff training and operational procedures. The British Association of Removers (BAR) also provides a free and independent Dispute Resolution Service.

You must ensure that your removal company is insured, and if so, what you are covered for in their T&Cs.  Some companies provide an additional insurance cover which is usually a percentage of the value of your goods.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth!

Check the reviews published on independent consumer review websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo.  It is always helpful to read about the experience of fellow house movers, and assess the contribution the appointed removal company made to their move.

Last but not least: compare like for like

Some quotes may exclude extra services such as packing, unpacking, parking, dismantling or re-assembling furniture, so make sure that all the services you require are included up front.

If you are planning to move or simply need some additional information about a quote you’ve received, feel free to get in touch with our Moving Specialists on 0800 521 541 or email us


Photo Credit: Pexels