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Younger people look to Australia and Canada to work

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

The younger generation is setting their sights on working abroad according to analysts.

Once upon a time expats were mainly experience, middle aged people who had lost their love for the UK and sought pastures new for countries like Australia, Canada or the US. However nowadays it seems that more and more young people are increasingly willing to take the jump and apply for an Australian work visa.

Siobhan Cummins from global HR firm ORC Worldwide noticed the trend and explained that working overseas has become a common practice, “Working abroad is no longer a specialist field but is almost expected as a standard part of working life.”

Cummins said, “Many companies offer placements abroad on their graduate schemes and know that providing opportunities overseas will build their reputation as good managers of young talent.” Young people are being given more opportunities to work abroad including intra-company transfers.

David Reed, an expert in recruitment agency Expat Recruitment said that the trend for working in Australia and other speaking countries is down to the recession and the lack of work opportunities in the UK.

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