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Overseas property markets

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

If you’re planning a relocation abroad, but don’t yet have your final destination nailed down, then the property market is probably going play a major factor in your move. We all dream of heading to our perfect location, however financially it might not always be viable. Before setting your heart on a new home, take into account the latest findings on the cheapest and most expensive property markets.


With a booming economy, global conglomerates and a relentless worth ethic, Asia has become a true power of the modern world, making it a hot destination when it comes to working abroad. When it comes to house prices in the area however, Japan has seen an on-off 25-year decline in the housing industry, making it the cheapest market within the OECD (an international economic organisation which stimulates economic progress and world trade.) Despite the best efforts of government implemented programmes attempting to revive the market, prices fell in real terms by nearly 2% in the last calendar year.

Despite being seen as a hugely thriving market, the slowdown of China’s housing market has prompted many predictions doom in housing market and even for the country’s economy, which is commonly seen to be thriving worldwide. However, many believe the market is going through natural and necessary adjustment, which is good for the economy, making it a great time to move to the area for work.


In Europe, strong house price growth is continuing in many nations. Germany and Switzerland have economies which continue to thrive, and the same can be said for their housing markets. Markets remain softer in other parts of the euro-zone area, with weak income growth and tighter financing conditions playing a major role.

North America

In the United States, the housing market continues to progress through times of unknown prosperity. Despite prices continuing to rise, new home sales, starts and builders’ confidence have seen times of struggle. Although the adverse weather conditions in the first quarter of 2014 can be to blame for this initial slow start to the year. The States is a dream destination for many expats looking to move, however tough regulations on emigration to the country maker it difficult to obtain expat work. One nation in the same region which is enjoying prosperous growth in the housing market is Canada, which has seen the market grow by 5.2%. With a mix of huge city metropolis locations, like Vancouver and Toronto, to more remote destinations for secluded skiing trips and quiet retreats, Canada offers a wide scope of relocation options.

If you’re planning a move to one of these locations, or anywhere else for that matter, make sure you keep your belongings safe throughout the moving and shipping period. Check out the dedicated international movers section of our website, and keep your move in the hands of the professionals.


Photo Credit: Pexels