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Key points to consider when moving abroad

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Our current economical climate has left many people down in the dumps and pretty low on cash. Employers around the country have been cutting their work force in half, share holders have lost lots of money, car dealers can’t find buyers, shops are closing down leaving shopping stores bare and numerous housing sites remain unfinished and unsold.

With the new Government plans to make cuts to child maintenance and the increase of VAT, many people are feeling heavily affected than ever before and have no hope of improvement in these dampened conditions.

With this crisis in mind, many Brits are considering the option of an overseas move to explore greener pastures.

However, the decision to move abroad is not a walk in the park. There are numerous things to consider and take care of, such as selling your home and cars, closing all financial dealings, accounts and direct debits, settling any legal matters etc. But this is not all.

One of the biggest factors to consider is finding a job and moving abroad without one is definite impossible. This should be the determining factor of moving out of your home country, and you need to start by analysing the market abroad to see what options are open to you.

Make sure that you are covered when it comes to:

  • Looking for good jobs and settlement options abroad.
  • Having sufficient personal funds to support a thorough study of the situations abroad.
  • Disposing of your liabilities at home.
  • Settling all pending legal matters as well as the closing of all bank accounts, direct debits.

Try and take care of all these points simultaneously. Don’t wait until the last minute to sell off your house or cars after you have found that job abroad. This just wastes time. Try to wrap everything up before you leave so that you are not trapped with sorting it all out once you have gone.

If you are a little bit nervous about selling your home in case you don’t like your new life abroad, you could always opt for a ‘sell and rent back’ scheme designed to help people in situations where they need to release themselves from the liabilities of their property along with the allowance of staying in it at the same time.

These schemes are taken care of by the buyer leaving you free of all responsibilities of getting a solicitor, setting up a deal etc. A rent will be decided upon by mutual consent of both parties and a tenancy deed can be drawn up stating the duration of the tenancy period which is renewable only by the consent of the owners.

This way you get quick cash releasing the finance locked up in the property. That way you can take care of all pending matters including paying mortgages, selling legal matters, exploring and settling abroad etc.

If you are looking to make that move abroad and need help with the packing and shipping of your personal belongings, then get in touch with Robinsons removals company. The team are specialists in international removals and can help you get all of your personal belongings to arrive safely to your financial situation.


Photo Credit: Unsplash