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Disastrous Office Removal? These Two Low-Cost Furniture Solutions Can Help You Recover

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

When moving from one office to another, there are thousands of things that could go wrong. There’s a reason most top firms invest in an office removals team – because they’re trained to ensure that those potential disasters don’t happen. Still, year after year, hundreds of businesses employ untrained amateur teams to move their office furniture, often with disastrous results.

From broken desks to damaged PC equipment, ruined accessories to records that just aren’t there, the amount of things that can go wrong on an office move is staggering. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a bungled office removals effort, don’t despair, put these two low-cost office furniture tips into play and get back to work without losing valuable time. Or better still, just use Robinsons next time!

1. Broken desk? Use a door and two cabinets

Jeff Bezos, multi-billionaire founder of, built his first desk out of an old door and two filing cabinets. If you’re stuck in an office without furniture, you could do the same. Find an old wooden door or piece of flat material, and place it spanning across two mid-level filing cabinets. Voilà – Cheap temporary desk, large workspace, and easy to take apart when the real deal arrives.

2. Use milk crates for storage and organization

Got records that have been thrown out of sync? If your moving team isn’t exactly careful with your valuable records, organizing them in milk crates can be a great way to temporarily get everything in order. Most corner stores will happily loan you the crates, otherwise a quick trip to the hardware store should help you find your own set.


Photo Credit: Unsplash