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As the Economy Recovers, Office Relocations Become More Common

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Over the last three years, many small businesses and startups have been reduced from comfortable offices to “recession residences” – small, uncomfortable, low-cost office and business spaces designed to reduce overheads and make surviving the recession more realistic. While Britain’s economy is still quite far from a full recovery, the changing situation appears to be causing many business operators to rethink their decisions, and more to more complete office premises.

Office relocations have increased significantly over the last two quarters, particularly as businesses pick up overseas business with the weakened pound and slowly recovering economy. As many businesses experience much-missed growth and expansion, the move to a larger office comes as more of a necessity than an economic luxury.

A range of companies are available for office relocations and furniture removal, an essential service for moving offices. Health and safety regulations, combined with seemingly ridiculous insurance requirements, can make it exceedingly difficult for a business to coordinate a relocation without external assistance.

With Britain’s economic future looking bright, an office relocation could be the ideal strategic move for your business. Whether a step upwards to a larger office or merely an upgrade to brighter, more luxurious locations, a new location and different office environment can contribute to improved productivity and business success. With more businesses opting to move every day, that step up could be just what’s required.


Photo Credit: Pexels