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Which countries can you emigrate to?

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

As a UK citizen there are very few places in the world that aren’t open to you as a new immigrant. At present, the UK has connections with many countries across the world, and if you are looking to emigrate there is more than likely one visa application to suit you and your application.

Some countries do limit their intake of migrants due to social or political reasons, however many countries seek to take more people in order to strengthen their workforce and community.

Main countries were UK residents can apply

The main countries who actively seek individuals on a skill basis are; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the USA. Because of this, many people apply for visas in these countries. If you are looking to move to the EU or EEA you don’t normally require a visa but should still inform all the correct local authorities that are becoming a non resident in UK. If you are applying to one of these other main countries you will need to apply for a visa through either the family sponsored route or the skilled migrant route. You generally need to have enough ‘points’ to qualify for immigration into one of these countries. These points are allocated due to education, family, experience, age and much more.

Applying to the USA

If you want to move to the USA permanently, you have to obtain a ‘green card.’ The USA has a wonderfully diverse lottery that allows a certain number of people the chance to move to the USA simply by entering a lottery draw. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to to UK citizens as too many have already moved to the US. UK citizens must apply through a family sponsored visa or a skilled migrant visa as you would with any country.

Applying and the costs involved

You need to be financially capable of going through the entire application process before you start. You most likely will need to pay for immigration fees, and government application forms, professional advisor fees, removal costs and transport to your new home and of course all the normal costs associated with moving into your new home once you have emigrated. There can be huge variances in the price dependant on the visa class and country you are applying to, however it is important to remember and work out a rough estimation of the costs before you start the application process.

Which countries have in-demand occupations?

There are many countries that are crying out for certain people with set skills. You can usually obtain a list of highest in demand occupations from the immigration website of the country you wish to move too. Remember, just because you are qualified for something in the UK, doesn’t mean to say that the skill is transferable in another country.


Photo Credit: Unsplash