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Try before you buy abroad

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Experts have advised that people looking to buy a property abroad should try the country before they buy and tie themselves down to a place they no longer want to be.

Experts have advised that a trial run into living in a country will help you make the best decision for your and your family and whether an international move would work if you were wishing to move abroad.

Home Buyers seeking pastures new often commit to a move abroad without really knowing the consequences about their country of choice.

Rhiannon Davies, director of has advised international movers to take a different approach.

“Our advice would be to spend time living in a country on a tourist visa before committing to relocating there,” she said.

Holiday home insurance customers could possibly try and rent a property before making a purchase so that they can get a true taste of what experiences will be on offer.

Doing it this way can enable people to overcome the problem of that feeling that their new life falls below their expectations.

“People have a dream about what Australia will be like as it is so closely linked to Britain, and many hope that it will be just like living in the UK only with sunny weather,” she said.

“The fact that it is not like that does shock some into returning to the UK.”

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Photo Credit: Pexels