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Top tips to successfully integrating into your new life abroad

A new study by the Institute of Public Policy Research into the ‘global Brit’ has helped to identify which attributes, skills and common factors all add up in helping expatriate Britons living abroad to integrate into their new lives successfully.

The fully fledged report has complied together findings derived from conversations with everyone from expats to consular officials to help work out what you need to know and do to be a happy and successfully integrated immigrant.

If you are thinking of moving abroad and wondering if you have what it takes to settle into a new life then here are a list of common factors by in how to successfully integrate into your new life abroad.

Successful expats often work for a local company which basically means that they meet and work with, socialise and get to know a diverse range of people from the local community. Working with a local community helps you understand your community better and learn of events and happenings in the local town or surroundings.

Successfully integrated expats usually have family and friends living locally to them abroad – No man is an island and we all need the support and security that comes from close connections such as family and friends.

Successfully integrated expatriates get involved with the local community and local activities – The only way to build new relationships and settle in is to get out and go and meet people. The best way to do this is to get involved with the local community.

The most well integrated expats living abroad speak the local language – If you don’t communicate or understand what those around you are talking about then you will always be considered an outsider. Learn to speak to local language so you can socialise, interact, engage and get close to your community.

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