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Top Tips To Shipping Christmas Presents

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

We all know what it can be like when it comes to Christmas time; wanting to get the cards in the post at the right time to avoid the late doormat drops days after the 25th December.

And similarly, many people have families and friends who live in different countries who want to show how much they care by sending a Christmas present.

It is estimated this year 24 million packages will be shipped per day to varying countries across the world.

There are deadlines for shipping companies though to ensure your parcel gets to the correct destination in time for the holiday season, so remember to plan ahead; be organised and ship early.

Packaging is vital though to make sure that Christmas toy for your nephew doesn’t get broken or that wrapped perfume for your mum doesn’t spill.

So here are some top tips to avoid any parcel disasters at the other end…

–          Padding

Cushion your item to ensure it doesn’t slosh around the box during transit.

–          New packaging

Using a clean, new sturdy box that is clear of previous addresses, logos or companies and by using packing tape, not Scotch or masking tapes, will increase the readability in shipping; so there are few reasons as to why the box might go to the wrong address or get lost.

–          Turn Everything Off

If you’re sending toys or electrical appliances, make sure you switch them off and take the batteries out so that nothing turns on during travel. This can cause security concerns with any beeping noises or ticking and lead to your package being destroyed.

–          Insurance

If you’re shipping anything valuable or expensive you might want to consider getting insurance. Take pictures of the items you send so you have proof if something is ruined.

–          Get the delivery address spot on

If you don’t know the post code don’t just guess. Even if you have the person’s name, street name, house number and town your package may still get lost. It would be best to double check beforehand and be safe than sorry.

–          Double up on labels

OK so it is a little bit over cautious but who cares when it comes down to getting your loved one’s Christmas present shipped out on time. Include an extra address label on the inside of the package, so the shipper will know where to deliver the items if the box falls apart, breaks or if the outside label falls off. Putting a return address on all labels also backs you up should any problems occur, and then at least it will come back to you.

At Robinsons, we pride ourselves in providing expert packaging for each item we handle. Our in-house team of experts undergo regular training programmes to ensure the very latest materials and techniques are used to ensure an efficient, cost effective and safe delivery.


Photo Credit: Unsplash