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Top Tips To Get Your House Ready To Sell To Help The Move Process Quicken

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Before you even put your house on the market there are many things that you can do to improve the chances of its sale. It is better to complete these instructions now before any viewings start or pictures are taken as to quicken the entire moving process.

So how do you prepare the home to better the appeal to buyers? Here are some top tips from the Removals experts at Robinsons International to spruce up the home for maximum saleability.

Presentation is key so make the home look as simply as possible so the purchaser can visualise themselves living there with their belongings. A clean house can mean the difference between yourself and an identical house down the street that is also up for sale.


The first thing the buyer sees is the exterior so make sure the front door and windows are clean, the wall has had a fresh lick of paint and that the gate works properly without squeaking. Brush the driveway and pull out any weeds and if you have a car parked at the front of the house, give it a polish to make it shine. If you have any recycling bins out front, try and hide them down the alleyway during the viewing process.


Plant some bright and pretty flowers in the garden to give it some colour and life and give any fence panels a fresh lick of gloss. As for the interior, it usually takes around 20 seconds for a buyer to decide whether they like the house or not after walking into it so make sure the entrances are uncluttered, warm, clean and welcoming.


Fresh flowers on display give the home that pleasant touch and you can create the illusory effect of a much larger space by maximising lighting and putting up mirrors. If you have carpets, hire a carpet cleaner to get up any stains whereas for wooden floors, give it a polish. For tired old sofas throw a new blanket or cushions to brighten it up and reportedly, it is better to de-personalise by clearing out family photographs.


Freshen up the tiles in the kitchen, replace old looking taps and handles in the bathrooms, make a feature of quality soaps and oils, ensure all bathroom furniture is pristine and tidy away any clothing in the bedroom. Reposition furniture to maximise the space effect.


Photo Credit: Pexels