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Our top three cheap expat countries

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

In a time of global curiosity expats are willing to travel further afield and sample the unknown as they look to shake off the shackles of British living. This is coupled with growing financial insecurity and fluctuating currencies which means that those leaving the UK are looking to get as good a value as they can for their uncertain looking pound. We’ve compiled a guide of some of the lesser known expat destinations which offer some of the lowest living costs in the world.


Located in a remote part of South America, Ecuador has proved increasingly popular with retirees thanks to its superb weather, good cost of living and outstanding healthcare. A nice rental property is easily attainable for around £200-£300 a month while the warm climate means that heating bills are pretty much nonexistent. Expats qualify for healthcare providing you pay a small monthly fee and work is much easier to come across than in many of the more prominent western countries. All this and we’re yet to mention the beauty of the country which offers some breathtaking mountain views and vast open spaces. Need more convincing? Well the Ecuadorian currency is the US dollar which the British Pound is performing incredibly strong against so you’ll get much more for your money.


It might not be a location that immediately springs to mind when considering the location of your new home, however Panama offers an excellent choice if you’re after the big city lifestyle, without the big city cost. In Panama’s capital city (aptly named Panama City) you can expect all the comforts you’d associate with a big city, including outstanding healthcare, restaurants, and daily activities. One thing you won’t need to worry about, is the big city cost that comes with some of the UK’s larger destinations.


Just south of Sicily, Malta enjoys a typically Mediterranean lifestyle with a fantastic climate which promises beautiful weather all year round. The island, which is smaller than Leeds, has some of the most fantastic architecture, a lot of which predates Stonehenge, and the blue seas which surround it more than match the idyllic fantasy which most expats dreamt of.  The cost of living is substantially less than the rest of mainland Europe and the UK and it has also improved over recent years in terms of dining and entertainment which means you can enjoy seeing your money go further. The Maltese have a very tight knit community and it doesn’t take long to fit into the way of life here and feel part of the Malta identity.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash