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Top FIVE reasons why Brits are moving abroad…

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

According to Government stats, every year 200,000 Brits call their overseas removals company and book a one-way ticket to a far-away land.

International movers are becoming increasingly frequent and it seems everyone knows somebody who has upped-sticks, but why do they do it? We’ve highlighted the top five reasons why Brits are waving goodbye to their homeland…

1) Here comes the sun
Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons for migrating abroad is the yearning for an umbrella-free life. Many Brits are growing tired of endless grey, coarse winters and unpredictable summers.

2) The Life of Riley
In terms of property abroad, you get a lot more for your money in comparison to the UK, with wide open spaces and mountains, or perhaps even a sandy beach virtually in your own backyard.

3) Chav culture
You don’t need to read the Daily Mail to realise that chav culture has become a huge turn-off for British adults. Loutish behaviour and rising levels of knife and gun crime have played a role in the growing number of emigrating Brits.

4) Money talks
British finances are a mess with the economy on its knees – unlikely to recover for years to come according to industry experts. The prospect of lower taxes and a more-stable economy has been a definite pull for many Brits on the move…

5) The world is your oyster
More and more Brits are adopting this famous mantra, and seizing the opportunity to see more of this huge world we live in. You only live once, so why constrain yourself to one country?


Photo credit: Pexels