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Top expat destinations?

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

A recent survey has come up with the conclusion that Australia, Canada and Thailand top the list of ‘best places to live and earn’. The recent survey done by the research company Freshminds claims to have used many parameters when making the final judgment, namely income levels, quality of living and general enjoyment of living in the foreign land.

The 3149 people surveyed in around 30 different countries consider Thailand as one of the best options to consider when considering moving abroad. This is ironic considering the fact that like Britain, Thailand has also taken a good hit from the current recession.

What is clear is that the locations where salaries may not be as high, such as Canada and Australia, are where international movers are really enjoying not only an increased quality of life but are also finding it easy to fit in to their new communities.

Last year’s Germany, Canada and Spain have thus been effectively replaced by Australia, Canada and Thailand this year.


Photo Credit: Unsplash