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The stress-free guide to moving home

When moving home, the hardest thing to do is keep track of everything thats going on and making sure all runs as smoothly as possible. People often forget the simplest things that could make their relocation a lot easier. Making a checklist is one of those things.

The most important thing to do when relocating is to break down the project into manageable pieces. For instance, packing all your stuff in the last few days not only sounds like the inevitable nightmare, but will play out in exactly the same fashion. Planning ahead is crucial, start by thinking about what you will not want in your new home. Any items that are destined for the scrap heap can be sold on auction websites or donated to charity shops, already cutting down the task ahead.

One of the next things you should do is make arrangements for picking up all important records from health clinics, schools etc. Make sure that these are either forwarded to your next address or picked up in person by you. While doing this, ensure you fill in a change of address kit (you can get these from the post office) for places like banks and insurance companies, along with healthcare providers. Ensure you pack all essential documents are packed in one place for convenience.

Once the life admin is dealt with, its time to actually begin the packing. Roughly work out how much packing supplies you’ll need and then order them. Once they arrive, work out what you can pack now, what needs to be left till the last minute and mark the boxes accordingly. While doing this, mark on the boxes what should be opened first, bedding and a kettle should be in one of the first boxes opened, after a long day moving, bed and a cuppa may be the only thing you are fit for!

Utility disconnection and connection can be easily arranged at anytime, so it is best to get this out of the way early on. There are companies that will arrange this for you, leaving you the task of ringing one number and speaking to one person, letting them do the rest. This is advisable if you have a particularly large move planned. Why struggle when you can share the strain out?

When it comes to the actual moving day, make sure the removals company are fully informed of the plans, given the full address and a mobile contact number. Ensure you have a contact number for them in case of last minute changes or heaven forbid – problems, it has been known to occur.

Throughout the move remember one thing; failing to plan is planning to fail.


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