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Shipping Belongings This Christmas

It is less than six weeks before we celebrate Christmas Day, so if you are planning to ship a present to a relative living abroad, Robinsons recommends that you act now.

We are one of the UK’s most trusted international movers and container shipping companies but even we cannot make miracles happen if you leave it too late to send a gift to a foreign country.

You can still show a loved-one how much you care this holiday, even if they do live in a foreign country, by shipping a present at an affordable rate. It is estimated that over 20 million packages will be shipped all over the world in the run-up to Christmas, so plan ahead and calculate the time it will take with some expert help.

All shipping companies have deadlines to get parcels to the destination in time and our many years of experience means we strive to transport your goods safely, securely and on-time. But even we cannot help if you are not organised and early so whether you need to shipping to USA, India or shipping to Oz, be prepared in advance and get in touch now.

As specialists, we can help you to avoid any parcel disasters by packing the antiques and furniture with professional padding materials and techniques. If you are sending appliances or toys it is recommended to switch them off and take the batteries out so that nothing turns on during travel.

What is more, a top tip is to take out insurance if you are shipping anything expensive which Robinsons also offer to meet your individual needs.

So call us now to find out how long it will take to ship to your destination and bear in mind how much the time period will differ for varying countries. And the duration will also change within states for example; New York between 7-12 days, Miami 14-15 days and Los Angeles 25-29 days.


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