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Robinsons’ top tips to moving home this winter

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

It can be stressful to move home at any time of the year but moving at wintertime can boast its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Winter weather conditions can cause havoc for removal vans with the icy roads and falling snow. Removal vans can find it hard to transport customer’s belongings to the new homes if they get stuck in the snow, or slip in the dangerous driving settings.

But moving in the winter season can also reap its benefits because the market is fairly quiet and you may save money. This means that a removal company can help you right from the beginning stages with packing, transportation and insurance services.

A top tip from Robinsons International is to be prepared. By planning ahead and checking the weather forecast in advance, the whole process can run smoothly without any hitches. We can give you a checklist of all the things you need to know beforehand so nothing gets forgotten and you don’t get left standing in the cold.

If it is bad weather or hailing on the day, salt the driveway, door path and steps, and shovel away the snow to prevent anyone slipping when carrying heavy boxes.

Make sure you use durable material to move all your possessions. The ordeal can turn nasty if the boxes get wet or damp and break apart. And as well as safeguarding the moving boxes, cover all the furniture with protective gear so the couch and chairs don’t get ruined.

Expert advice from Robinsons removals UK is to wrap up warm when moving. Try not to pack all your clothes and have extra jumpers, scarfs and gloves on-hand for the big day. The removal men will appreciate it if you keep the kettle out so you can make them hot brews to keep warm. And it is a great tool to keep hands warm so they don’t get stiff.

Follow these helpful tips and have a stress-free house move this season!


Photo Credit: Unsplash