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Robinsons Guide On Moving House With Pets

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

As we all know, moving house can be extremely stressful and a tiring process.

What with all the packing and wrapping, van hire and organisation of the children; the ordeal can become daunting.

But what if you have pets to move too? It isn’t as simple as packing their food and water bowl and moving them to their new home; the transition can be very frightening for animals especially as it is out of their everyday normal routine.

It has been known for some four legged animals to become overwhelmed by the move and go into shock and even die. So to avoid such an awful outcome, make it easy and prepare in advance.

Here is a guide of top tips for all homeowners to ensure the move is as trouble-free and effortless as possible.

– Start planning well before the move; get your pet a health check by the vet to make sure everything is OK and ask if they can forward the pet’s medical records onto a new local vet. Ask the vet for advice on travel sickness or if the pet is prone to anxiety, discuss how to ease this opportunity.

– If your pet is micro-chipped update the details of your new address and get a new name tag with updated contact numbers.

– When packing up the content of your home, ensure you have a supply of your pet’s food to hand during the journey so they are well fed and watered during the transit. However, you may not want to feed them a few hours beforehand to dodge any upset stomachs.

– During the removal when the removal personnel come to the house to help pack and move the belongings into the van, you may want to consider locking your pet in a room or boarding it away in the garden so when doors are swung open and strangers come into the home the pet doesn’t become scared and run away. If possible, ask a family relative or close friend to pet-sit.

– Often many homeowners buy new equipment for the new property to start afresh, so they leave the existing necessities behind such as food bowl, lead and toys. Don’t buy new ones just yet- your pet will appreciate after a restless transit to a new location its familiar, comfortable items and these will help ease the moving process and for it to settle in.

– Pet proof the new home before you bring your furry friend into it i.e. check fences and gates are OK and windows are shut so they can’t escape.

For more Removals guidance, use the experts at Robinsons International.


Photo Credit: Unsplash