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Removals Help: Moving House With The Children This Summer

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

With the kids off school for the summer holidays, now looks a better time than ever to move house.

Moving home is a stressful process and it can be worse when dealing with the children’s homework and timetable.

But by hiring a removals firm and relocating during the summer period when school is out, the youngsters can be better prepared and they can even help.

Make the transition as smooth as possible by enabling the children to help with the packing of boxes and assure them if they are moving schools, they will make new friends.

Involve the offspring as soon as possible with age-appropriate responsibilities such as asking them to put their toys in boxes or hold on to the dog when the removals team arrive.

Or even before this stage ask them for their opinion on the new home i.e. would they like a similar back garden size or want a bigger sized room. Giving them special roles is important so they feel the move is a family thing and not something simply happening to them.

Concepts such as these will ease the child and make them feel more secure in the move and look upon it in a positive way so they are moving to somewhere rather than moving away.

Show them the new neighbourhood beforehand and point out all the fun spots so it seems less new and intimidating when you move.

If you are involved in the local church at your present location, check out the new spiritual places before you move and if possible register your children in local hobbies or classes in advance such as rainbows or scouts, so from the get-go they meet new friends.

Be honest with the kids in where you are moving to, when, how and what the new house is like; stating obvious truths like these makes the move less obtrusive and cagey.

Moving home is a fun and exciting new stage of a life so why not reflect this with the removals and decorate the kid’s moving boxes in bright and funky colours? And suggest that the child carries their favourite toy or comfort blanket during the move to reassure them not everything is changing.

Robinsons International can help maintain the daily routine as we will do all the hard work for you. So stick to the family schedule throughout the moving process and let us take care of all the odds and ends!


Photo Credit: Pexels