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Relocating in the UK? Check out the 2012 postcode rich list

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

If you are relocating anytime soon, there are various hotspots which you can choose to set up home. From the rural outskirts to a city centre, the world is your oyster…

Did you know that the top reasons why people move home are that they need more space; they are expecting a new baby, they are getting married, they simply want to upgrade, they have landed a new job or because they are retiring.

If you plan on moving house within the UK, the most important aspect which you need to consider is your budget. What property value can you afford in your price range?

It may be that you have the funds to purchase a property in Britain’s most expensive postcode areas. It may be that your price range is not quite as exorbitant, in which case you should avoid the following areas like the plague.

Check out the Postcode Area Rich List for 2012 with the average house price:

1. W8 Kensington £1,873,866
2. SW7 Knightsbridge £1,430,863
3. SW3 Chelsea £1,425,385
4. W11 Notting Hill £1,302,763
5. SW10 West Brompton £1,140,593
6. NW3 Hampstead £1,022,748
7. SW1 Westminster £1,010,228
8. W1 West End £987,191
9. GU25 Virginia Water £968,009
10. SW13 Barnes £958,871


The study by Zoopla found that Kensington in West London is the most expensive postcode area in the UK, in which a small area of floor space that is no bigger than the size of an iPad, costs more than £500. House prices typically cost around £1.87 million and the most expensive street is Kensington Palace Gardens.

As you can see, the capital dominates the list including the likes of Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Notting Hill, West Brompton and Westminster.

Nicholas Leeming, business development director at, said: “International demand for prime properties in the nation’s premium postcodes has boosted prices in London and the South East and further widened the gap between the haves and have nots.”

Further findings reveal:

  • Britain is home to around 245,790 property millionaires
  • 35% of the UK’s ‘million pound streets’ are in London
  • Virginia Water in Surrey is the most expensive area outside London
  • Wale’s pricest street is Graig Road in Cardiff
  • Scotland’s most valuable area is North Charlotte Street in Edinburgh

If you are considering moving to London or any other town in the UK, get an affordable online quote today.


Photo Credit: Unsplash