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Planning properly when moving home

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

If you have just bought a new house, your next step is to plan the packing and shipping of your personal belongings.

Finding the time to deal with your household removals can be chaotic and leave you stressed and unenthusiastic about moving into your new home.

Then there are the other tasks that need to be fulfilled, including notifying your utility services that you are moving, changing addresses at your bank and notifying your landline provider that you need to change contact numbers.

With all this to consider, packing can be boring, a chore and something you would prefer to leave till the very last minute.

If you choose to do the packing by yourself, you should start by packing your belongings in large, durable boxes, to save room and money.

Packing to move home, whether you are international movers or moving down the road, is a perfect way to clear out old and unwanted items which often lay at the back of the cupboard or in the loft.

A good idea is to send them to a charity shop or do a car boot sale, as someone else may find good use for them.

As the time approaches for you to move into your new home, you should look to book a removals company to collect your stuff to take to your new destination.

If you are looking for an overseas removals service, you should look to book earlier in advance, so they can book the necessary arrangements to get your personal belongings to your destination on time.

Make sure that you notify your local post office to re-direct any mail, until you get round to changing your address details.


Photo Credit: Pexels