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Perfect Packing Plan with Robinsons: Part One

Moving home can be a stressful time and can drive you and your family round the bend.

In fact there is so much to think about and organise that packing can be a last minute dash with everything hurled into one box, into the van, to arrive at your new house in a complete mess!

Well to give you that helping hand, we have come up with a Perfect Packing Plan so you can organise your personal belongings to arrive in one piece to your new home.

The four part plan will give you all the information you need to get your belongings from A to B so you can spend the rest of your time worrying about the bills, insurance and the kids.

Part One: The Kitchen

  • Sharp knives? If you have a knife block keep them all inside and wrap carefully. If you knives are loose wrap separately for your safety and protection.
  • Put a pot in a pot! Utilise the space inside your pots and pan with other kitchen appliances so you have less boxes to carry. Invert the lid of your pots and pans, placing the handle down.
  • Wrap each of your glasses separately in tissue or wrapping paper. Make sure you write FRAGILE on the box when finished.
  • Wrap plates so they stand on their edge rather than placing them one on top of the other. The box will weigh much more. Do this with saucers, side plates and platters.
  • Individually wrap dishes and place them on top of the other as you would do in your cupboard. Cups and dishes can be wrapped in 4’s with a layer of bubble wrap separating each dish. Pack the top dish with scrunched newspaper.
  • Put bottles of wine and spirits into wine boxes. Any damage to these bottles can cause further problems to other belongings inside the box.
  • Pack small appliances into their original packaging. If this is not available then find a box which it will fit inside and wrap it with tissue paper. Further wrap it in bubble wrap to keep it secure.
  • Dry out refrigerators and freezers.
  • For larger appliances, strip all lose fittings and movable parts and cushion were possible.

Come back tomorrow to see what’s going on in the bedroom!

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