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NZ Visa changes to favour Brits

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

New Zealand immigration authorities have just announced changes to the Investor Visa category that should hopefully put it within reach of more international removal companiess from Britain.

One visa is open to under-65s with three years’ business experience, and requires an investment of £658,000 (1.5m NZD) over four years. The other has no age or business restrictions, but requires an investment of £4m (10m NZD) over three years, plus settlement funds of 1.5m NZD.

Investments must be made into particular products, such as government bonds, corporate bonds, equities and managed funds to qualify.

“Business migration needs to be urgently addressed, and stakeholders’ feedback has been extremely positive regarding this new package,” said Dr Jonathan Coleman, New Zealand’s immigration minister.


Photo Credit: Pexels