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Moving your family overseas

Moving abroad can affect every member of your family so a good idea would be to sit down and discuss your options getting every one’s advice and opinion about the big move. Parents do tend to disregard their child’s feelings when it comes to moving home, thinking they will fit into their new area and community fine and make friends easily. In reality, children may feel worried about the move, what to expect and leaving behind what they have always known. A good idea would be to consult your children throughout every step so they feel included and their voice is heard.

If they are happy with the move, make sure that you discuss any of their fears or worries about moving abroad. They will have all sorts of questions about what would happen and this is natural so try and explain in the best way possible. Make sure you are clear about the area you are moving to so you can comfort your child that everything will be okay.

The whole moving abroad isn’t simply packing a case and getting on the plane. There is a lot of planning and preparation to consider and making sure you are organised will certainly help the transition of the move to be a lot smoother. Ask family and friends to help out where and when they can. Contact a removals company who can provide you with all the packaging equipment and offer you the full shipping service taking the hassle of your hands. Make sure your children are actively involved in the packing of their room and try to get them to throw away unwanted items to give to a charity shop to eliminate the cost of shipping overseas.

Make sure that you and your family can adjust to the new culture and climate in your new country. Respect that the people in your area may live differently to how you normally do and learn the language in order to integrate yourself into the community. Join local groups/clubs to make new friends and introduce yourself to the neighbours. Following this advice may make the whole moving experience enjoyable and a little less stressful.


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