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Moving home: How important are postcodes

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

It has been speculated for years that where you live affects aspects of your life but the Daily Mail Online has undergone a special investigation that proves the case.

The newspaper showed that pensions, car insurance and health care premiums can all depend on where one lives and that by moving home, Brits can save hundreds of pounds and win the fight against the postcode lottery.

There isn’t a specific data sheet out there on the web to say what is a ‘good’ postcode to move to but wherever you do make sure you use Robinsons International’s expert removals services.

Everything about your street and the area in which you live in is moulded into an average category and this information is analysed by firms in order to charge you for services.

It ultimately means that because of where you live, you could have expensive car insurance premiums for the reason that there’s been quite a few car crashes on your street; and that you may be declined on a loan or mortgage simply because your neighbours have defaulted on theirs.

By swapping postcodes, you may be left with costly home insurance because crime in that area is high; or that contents insurance is greater since there have been several dodgy claims submitted on your street.

The postcode lottery further determines one’s life in the level of pension you can have. Statistics and government data can indicate how long people live for in a postcode using factors like diet, wealth and unemployment levels.

Therefore, this information can affect how much pension companies can offer you because if they think you’ll die young they’ll offer you a higher yearly payment.

And your address affects your heath too because NHS lotteries determine levels of care and prioritised spending. It means that where you live you may be offered neo-natal services and fertility treatments but two miles down the road you cannot get dental provision or cancer drug availability.

The Daily Mail reported that some primary care trusts in England were spending £20,000 a head on their cancer patients whilst figures showed that others spent just half that.

So fingers crossed wherever you move or relocate to, your premiums shouldn’t be too affected. There are reportedly 1.7 million postcodes in the UK, covering 27 million postal addresses but check out Robinsons today for easy UK removal services.


Photo Credit: Unsplash