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Moving home finance: Top financial blogs

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Moving home is an exciting time, however with the cost of your new home, along with the fees involved in every other aspect of your move, it can be a financially demanding time. We’re aware that, although you’ll have been saving for months on end, you might not be feeling particularly flush now, or at any point in the coming months. The internet is a great place to head if you’re on the hunt for financial advice, however with so many online voices all stating different things, it can be tough to know where to look for advice and guidance. Although sites such as Money Saving Expert offer tips to the masses, it’s sometimes better to head somewhere offering pointers on areas which are a bit more niche. Financial bloggers are often people very similar to you and me, who have endured times where the purse strings are tight, and have headed online to tell the tale. This is what makes finance blogs a real treasure trove over the the period of time that you’re moving. If you know you have a few financially tough months on the horizon, but want to keep your living your life without limitation, check out some of these blogs, perfect for browsing casually after you’ve settled into your new home.

  • Magical Penny (@magicalpenny)  is a personal finance blog which strives to “help you to grow your pennies through conscious spending, automatic saving, and simple, low cost investing”. His posts range from turning your hobby into a money maker, varying house prices, energy comparison shopping and helpful tips when getting a mortgage. It’s definitely a helpful one for a first time home buyer.


  • Couple Money (@elle_cm) focuses on finding ways to build your finances together as a couple, and aims to educate couples on ways to live on one income whilst having fun with the other! Check out their posts on how to pay off your debt faster, how to build your savings and ways to earn more in the meantime.


  • Young Adult Money (@davidcarlson1 ) encourages the balance of earning more and spending less, something which can seem like an impossible task. Again this is one to help those of you in your 20s and 30s, with the blog covering topics as diverse as real estate, making more money, cutting expenses and even travel. This blog should be the go to guide for all financial savvy young adults.


  • Help me to save (@karenbryan) is a blog devoted to helping you spend less, save money and enjoy life. Not only is there advice offered on money saving tips, but posts also focus on providing helpful ideas for making money and ways of managing your living expenses more effectively.


  • Master the Art of Saving (@MasterTAOSaving) provides money tips and advice in an everyday conversational style, making it nice and easy to understand. Created by Jen Perkins, the blog is not a professional financial service, but is a source for easy to read tips and guidance. Although it is American, it has a readership that far exceeds that nation, and the tips and advice can easily be applied to UK home owners looking for financial tips.


  • Young and Thrifty (@youngandthrifty) University friends Kyle and Justin created Young and Thrifty when they finished their course. Having beaten student financial issues, they now provide advice to people who may find themselves in a similar situation.

We all know how touch a relocation or house move can prove on your finances, so if you have any tips you’d like to provide, let us know below.

Photo Credit: Pexels