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Moving Back Home To Your Parents House

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Most young adults crave for independence away from their parents and hope to stand on their own two feet by moving out of the best and into their own pad.

But the economy is struggling and times are hard, so the probability of children going afield is lesser now than ever before.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more 20-24 year old people are unemployed compared to those over the age of 25.

It is easy to see why more people are choosing to live with their mum and dad and even mid-life grown-ups uprooting back home. In this economy, life expenses are even more costly so with rents high, food bills are rising and petrol prices increasing; it is no wonder that kids cannot afford to live by themselves.

Troubles can arise though moving by home as the adult child must now realise and live with the reality that they are now living in someone else’s home and must abide by their expectations and rules again.

On one hand the parent may enjoy having you home again to mother-cuddle you and feel needed again whereas on the other hand, they may have enjoyed the fact that you flew from the nest and started to relive their life having had children.

Benefits to moving back home include parents cooking, doing laundry and looking after your own children. It can feel like being on holiday whilst saving money! And after years of solitary, your mum and dad may like having the company again.

Disadvantages to moving back in with the rents consist of losing maturity, independence, freedom and a small sense of pride.

So if you need to move back home due to money woes, use Robinsons International as your Removals or storage service.


Photo Credit: Unsplash