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Moving Abroad For The Summer? Protect Your Finances

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Are you moving abroad for the summer?

If you plan on spending your summer vacation in another country this season then make sure you protect your finances in advance.

With the hot temperatures and glorious sunshine it can be easy to forget about security, so before you get all excited and move make sure you read these top tips about looking after your monies during the holiday.

Here is Robinsons International’s finance guide on smart travel this season whether you are heading out on a plane, or taking a road trip. And whatever you are doing, make sure you use our expert International Removals!

– Inform the bank in advance

Let your bank know before you move abroad. It can look suspicious to a bank when a transaction is made in another country if they have not been alerted, especially as it could be fraud and it is of unusual activity.

So to avoid the bank blocking your card and freezing your account whilst protocols are ordered, inform them beforehand of your travels.

Find out about overseas charges

Nothing could be worse than getting back from a lovely break abroad and receiving a bank statement through the letterbox informing you of a massive bill you have raked up whilst out there.

Find out beforehand of any fees you will be charged when using your card or drawing out cash at an ATM to dodge any nasty surprises.

– Take out insurance

Make sure you buy travel insurance before you go to protect yourself in case your luggage gets lost, or if you need medical help. You never know what is going to happen when in a foreign country; the airline or hotel might go bust or you may be left stranded.

Cover yourself just to be on the safe side.

– Don’t tell potential burglars that you are going away

You might not realise it but by posting on social networking sites that you are going on holiday you are sending an open invite to burglars.

Keep the destination and length of trip vague on your status updates be it on Facebook or Twitter and never post exact dates of your absence, as basically you are letting all criminals know when your house will be vacant to target.

– Redirect mail

Mail can be a great target source for burglars for identity theft. Overflowing mailboxes can help criminals get hold of private information so redirect your mail during your summer move or ask a family relative or friend to pop round regularly to pick them up from behind the door.

– Be cautious of pickpockets

Tourist areas abroad thrive on pickpockets, so take a handbag that can close securely with a zip and that is preferably located on the front of your body so you can keep watch of it more carefully.

But in the worst case scenario, if you are pickpocketed don’t carry around your health card, national insurance number, airplane tickets or credit and debit cards. Keep them at your hotel or living quarters when going out and about or locked in a safe.

A credit card can be beneficial in that if cash is stolen, you are not left penniless in a foreign country.


Photo Credit: Unsplash