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London named the most impressive city in the world

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

England’s capital has been voted the most important city in the whole world, according to a recent study.

Findings by The Wealth Report, which is carried out by Knight Frank Research and Citi Private Bank, reveal that London has been dubbed the most notable, beating the likes of New York, Hong Kong and Paris.

The survey involved ten international cities from around the globe that have been deemed the most impressive by the mega rich with assets in excess of £15.5 million.

How were they surveyed? Factors that were taken into account on the assessment included economic activity, quality of life, political power, knowledge and influence. Other reasons cited were strong educational resources, social stability, personal safety and luxury housing availability.

The 10 most impressive cities were:

1.      London

2.      New York

3.      Hong Kong

4.      Paris

5.      Singapore

6.      Miami

7.      Geneva

8.      Shanghai

9.      Beijing

10.  Berlin

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Photo Credit: Unsplash