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How To Accurately Valuate Your Home? Top Tips

Getting the house price right on your home is important.

You don’t want to scare people away by it being too high but you don’t want to put it low enough to get the buyers’ through the door and to lose out on money.

Getting it wrong and the property might not sell or if does, be less than what it is really worth.

So if you have decided to sell your house, get the valuation accurate and on the money in order to determine the potential sale in such a competitive marketplace.

That extra monies made from a sale can help go towards the new home, especially if you are moving abroad.  Many estate agents go off the prices of other houses in the area and gauge how yours is on the scale of others so for example, if your home is nicer and bigger, it would be worth more than the one next door but one up for sale.

Some estate agents have experience valuers working to a code by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). These go off the age and type of property, fixtures and features, state of repair and construction locality and surrounding amenities available and service charges.

Take into account the local market value which incorporates the strength of demand and local supply and remember- the valuation is supposed to be free in order to persuade you to go with their services, so don’t get conned in by them offering you a high valuation price.

Just because they offered you the highest doesn’t mean they can necessarily sell this for you. Go with the agency that is practical and not over-priced but talks logic; for example putting it in a price brand that is searchable on internet house sites.

Search for properties sold in England and Wales right now on and this will provide you with a basic indication of how much properties like yours have sold for in your area.

So get the right valuation price on your home and increase its chances to sell to potential buyers and move overseas with Robinsons International Removals services.


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