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Have Limited Mobility? Robinsons Help Guide On Searching For Disabled-Friendly Homes

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Having a physical disability and getting around the home can be hard, so it can be especially difficult when considering moving property to find another house that is disability-friendly.

Items throughout the house need to be accessible such as the fridge, bathroom and bed; and the house needs to be adapted to cater to one’s needs whether that is a stair lift for a wheel chair user or a light shining fire alarm for the hearing impaired.

Here is a help guide on searching for a disabled-friendly home for renting purposes as well as for sale.

Believe it or not there are a wide range of adapted and accessible properties on the market at any given time as many buildings have been transformed in compliance to new UK equality laws.

The problem when searching is to find a home that is suitable to you and your needs as the term disabled is so vast and open to different interpretations that simply saying the home is disabled-friendly, doesn’t mean it is right for you.

You may need a house that has full wheelchair access whereas another homeowner with more mobility might just need a bathroom that is adapted, so it is easier to brush their teeth and shower. Or you may just need a house near a dedicated near-by parking space.

Make sure you retain your independence and find a suitable home that is disabled-friendly, easy to get to and manageable!

A house listed online may not hold the correct information on the property description, so to easily identify a home in your area contact an estate agent directly. And when you find the property, use Robinsons International as your Removals service.


Photo Credit: Unsplash