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The happiest UK living locations

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

If you’re looking to move house within Britain and want to make sure you’re as happy as can be in the city you’ll be calling home, you might want to consider moving to one of these happy locations. It might not be conventional, but these locations have all ranked in the top ten based on Jetpac ‘smile scores’, so if you want to enjoy a cheerful and high smile life, check out these destinations.


The city that inspired the Chronicles of Narnia and Gulliver’s Travels, Belfast has plenty to offer locals and visitors alike. Home to the Titanic’s last footprint on land before its infamous voyage, the ship’s pump-house was built to accommodate the near 900 feet length of RMS Titanic pre-voyage.


The coastal city of Bournemouth has plenty to offer, and through the summer months what could be better than having miles of beach on your doorstep? With parks, botanical gardens and cultural buildings like the Pavilion Theatre to visit for entertainment, Bournemouth keeps its residents happy enough to rank at second on the list.


Derby is the UK’s most central city, and although that isn’t reason enough to relocate, the city is a great spot if you’re looking for a cultural break. The close proximity to the nearby Peak District makes it attractive for visitors, and for locals the great range of performance venues, like the Guildhall, QUAD and Assembly Rooms means the city has plenty on offer when it comes to entertainment.


The city of Exeter in Devon ranks at fourth on this list, and the likes of Exeter Cathedral, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Powderham Castle go some way to demonstrating the historical background the city has to boast. If you’re considering a move, then entertainment is plentiful, with the likes of adrenaline fuelled tree swinging adventure attraction, Go Ape and Quad World being right on your doorstep.


With attractions, quality shops, tours, parks, theatres and leisure destinations, inhabitants of Lincoln will rarely find themselves at a loose end, and the abundance of local interest points obviously keeps residents and visors alike happy enough to rank highly . Markets are plentiful in the area, so if you love a leisurely stall browse on a weekend, Lincoln is the place for you.


Offering numerous locations ideal for family days out, cultural attractions and historic attractions, Aberdeen has a lot to offer. Not only a destination for arts and culture, but also world class sport, as the premiere Golfing event of the year, the Ryder Cup, heads to the region in September. Played out at the Gleneagles Golf Course, it’s only a couple of hours drive from the city of Aberdeen.


Glasgow is the seventh city on the list, and the second consecutive from Scotland. Whilst the city doesn’t always get shown in the most positive of lights, it does have plenty to offer if you’re looking to move to the area. The home to the two most successful football clubs in Scottish league history, both Celtic and Rangers call Glasgow home – meaning there’s plenty of quality sport in the area. An abundance of museums and galleries make the city one of great culture, and with renowned breweries, an indoor snow slope for skiing and snowboarding and even an aquarium, it’s no surprise to see Glasgow on the list.


Colchester is one of Britain’s fastest growing towns and is famous for its historical role as the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain. Clearly steeped in history, it was even the capital of Roman Britain for a period in time. Around 50 miles from central London, the area is far enough away from the capital to avoid the hustle and bustle of major tourism.

Newcastle upon Tyne

A city with a great nightlife, quality restaurants in abundance and some real character, Newcastle is a destination frequently visited for weekend breaks. It’s no surprise that those living there enjoy the city, and you’ll never be bored with cultural attractions like the Theatre Royal and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. Newcastle has plenty to offer.


One of the country’s most historic locations, Oxford has become synonymous with its world renowned university. If you plan to move to this location, be prepared to embrace the cycling mentality in the local area, as it’s the preferred method of transport for many residents.

If you’re considering a move, or this article has planted the seed in your mind, make sure you check out our services for all your removal needs.


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