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Got Your House On The Market? Help Guide For On The Day Viewings

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Here at Robinsons International we know how hard it can be to sell your house.

The market is looking dismal at present times but anything you can do to enhance your chances of getting that buyer to put in an offer should be obeyed.

They say that getting someone through the front door is the hard part, but what to do when they are inside?

Here is a help guide on what to do and how to impress on the day when potential purchasers come to view the property.

First and foremost spray all the rooms in the home with good quality air fresheners and clean top to toe to make a good first impression. The average house viewing only takes eight minutes so you have to astound from the get go.

The old wise tale of baking bread and putting the coffee pot on are probably seen right through these days, with some buyers taking a cynical view to such tactics but they do make a house small more homely so why not!

If you don’t have the homeware to bake bread, flowers can also be dotted around the rooms to brighten them up and smell gorgeous.

As with the first impressions of the house, the first notions of you are also what the purchaser will take away from the visit. When you open the door don’t be over-friendly as it can come across as too keen and desperate to sell. Just be friendly and polite and welcome them in professionally.

Begin the tour of the house downstairs and open the door and motion for the buyer’s to enter before yourself because if you walk in before them the room will appear smaller.

Avoid obvious statements like ‘this is the kitchen’- they can see it for themselves and they know what room they’re in. Keep facts short and simple and don’t forget to point out any endearing features such as the fireplace or range cooker.

A top is to look at their facial expressions as the more animated it becomes, the more they are interested. A keen buyer can also ask questions like ‘how soon can you move’ or ‘is the price negotiable’.  When it boils down to money, refer them to the estate agent- it’s their job to act on your behalf.

What is more, ask the viewer questions to determine how engrossed they are; are they first-time buyers, how long been looking, looking in this particular area?

With these sure-fire tips you are bound to increase your chances of selling and when you do, use Robinsons International as your removals and International Removals services.


Photo Credit: Pexels