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Emigration Factors

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

When people consider a move abroad from the UK, many dream of new life and fresh start. Many compare what they have now and what life they could have elsewhere and start to weigh up the options of moving abroad.Here are some of the key reasons to why people move abroad and out of the UK.

  • Nowadays many graduates are looking for jobs in other countries as the job prospects in the UK are not as promising as they would’ve hoped. Career is seen to be one of the major factors to why people move abroad seeking better employment opportunities long term.
  • Countries such as Australia and New Zealand actively welcome graduates from the UK, particularly those who are trained as nurses, doctors and other involved in the medical profession.
  • There is also a very high demand for highly skilled workers such as builders, electricians, plumbers and other types of trades across the world. The Government is highly aware of the job opportunities available abroad and that many UK citizens are opting for that move abroad.
  • Other factors are down to personal reasons as a way of starting from scratch in a new life with new people. While this can be seen as a positive move, running away from problems isn’t a good thing and doesn’t mean they will go away.
  • Another reason people move abroad is to retire or that they have simply fallen in love with another country and want to start a new life.
  • Lower taxes are often another reason to why people move to another country as UK taxes are increasing each year.
  • Better weather is also a major factor as the British weather is unreliable and hardly ever sunny.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash