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Declutter ahead of moving home

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

We’re all guilty of being hoarders at some point, and behind the wardrobes in many homes, we’re likely to see an assortment of junk and old items that have been stored away for no apparent reason. Whilst packing ahead of your move might just be seen as another chore, it’s also a great opportunity to have a clear out and start life in your new home fresh, without cupboards and wardrobes brimming with junk. Here are our top tips on how to declutter ahead of your move as we highlight those obsolete items we all have, encouraging you to make the big move with a lighter load.

1. Clothing

No matter how many new items of clothing we buy, it always seems to be the case that old items of clothing are stored away. Whilst they might come in handy one in a blue moon when you need to wear old clothes to paint, for the most part, they’re just taking up unnecessary space. At times, many don’t even realise that they’re leaving clothes to hang for years untouched in the wardrobe, refusing to throw them away. Get rid, and use your home move as a chance to really build up your wardrobe using items you actually do wear.

2. Junk drawer

We’re all guilty of this, and all houses have them; whether it is brimming with a collection of jumbled keys for old lost padlocks, that old phone charger for a Nokia 3310, or an assortment of local takeaway menus. The majority of the items in the junk draw can be thrown away, and although it is handy to have a place to store keys and pens and other small items, make sure that everything you keep in there is usable.

3. Documents

Old bank statements, receipts and bills often feel like they require keeping and storing on the off chance they’re required for administrative purposes. However, with online banking now commonplace, many of us don’t even need the hard copy statement delivering to us anymore. Whilst some documents are required for the purposes of tax for a number of years, it’s likely that most documentation can be discarded prior to your move careful however, make sure you dispose of potentially sensitive items carefully. Documents containing bank details, or even your name and address should be shredded or destroyed.

4. Spare bedding or towels

Living in a home, you’ll often replace items such as bedding and towels, however even though we buy in new items, it is often the case that we hoard to old ones rather than binning them. It’s likely that you have your best bedding in use most of the time, with a spare sat in a cupboard that is used from time to time. This is all you really need, and if you’ve got a third and fourth string set packed away on the off chance they’re needed then you need to have a clear out. Before the big move, ask yourself, when are you intending on using it? If you can’t envisage them being used in the next 6 months they ought to be left behind.

5. Outdated Technology

Whilst retro might be cool, and there are cases, such as is the case with vinyl records, where an outdated technology enjoys somewhat of a renaissance, however the chances of VHS videos, Gameboys and old PlayStation games becoming popular again are relatively slim. In many households, old electronics are thrown up into the loft, and once out of sight, will probably remain up there until you move. With wires and chargers everywhere, your best bet it to throw them away, as the chances of their value increasing is relatively slim.


Photo Credit: Pexels