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Christmas ‘was like a month-long celebration’ abroad

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

International movers may find that Christmas is like a month-long celebration, according to one individual.

Speaking to, United Arab Emirates expat Bianca Handel stated that for her, the event had her excited from the beginning of December onwards.

“I thought I would miss out on a lot. But thanks to the UAE authorities for their tolerance of all religions and cultures, I didn’t,” she told the publication.

Shopping also begins four weeks earlier, the professional added, as she likes to buy items such as decorations made from evergreen leaves and candles and advent calendars, to get her into the festive spirit.

Ms Handel attended church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to sing in a choir and get to know others in the area.

The expat’s opinion is one echoed by teaching English abroad specialist i-to-i, which highlighted earlier this month that being overseas in December takes away the traditional stresses of the festive period.


Photo Credit: Pexels