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Brits Ditch Old Homes For Brand New Properties: Which Should You Choose?

Many families are reportedly drained of the on-going repairs and costs to run their old home and instead are hiring removal services and moving to brand new properties.

Some new findings show that Brits are ditching the DIY and opting for a new house that is easy to maintain and efficient to run.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to living in an old or a new house. Here Robinsons UK International Movers makes the comparison.


With regards to an old house, the positives are that with archaic properties they do have character, historic features and stories behind the walls. Older structures have stood the time for decades.

The downsides however are that they do need a considerable amount of maintenance due to old heating systems and pipe work. The floors may slope, the chimney foundation may require tuckpointing and it can be very expensive to replace or repair the wiring and plumbing. Generally the homes from hundreds of years ago were smaller and had smaller closets and rooms so if you have a large family, it may become crowded.


New houses on the other hand can have their advantages in that they have spacious layouts, brand new décor and are ready as soon as you walk through the door. Some new homes allow Brits to specify features such as the kitchen cabinets and bathroom tiles and personalise them in a way.

What is more, new homes have built-in top-of-the-range fixtures, fittings, kitchens and bathrooms as well as double glazing and energy efficient boilers. Overall, they are more economical to run as they are insulated and have fewer drafts.

However, it can be said that modern homes have no character and that each one is exactly the same and is therefore not distinctive or offers individuality. Homeowners may be able to put their own stamp on it in terms of colour schemes or furniture but the general structure is generic.

Many new houses settle regardless of the type of soil and therefore cracks appear in walls. Furthermore, you won’t find mature trees or vegetarian because trees take years to grow so the garden may not be as picturesque.


It all depends on the homeowner- do you want to put the time, money and effort in to build something up from scratch or do you want to walk into something ready-made?

Whatever type of house you decide to move into; make sure you ‘contact us’ today to move all your belongings.


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