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The big million: Looking at the scale of our latest milestone

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Since our founding in Manchester back in 1895, Robinsons has grown steadily over the years. Having seen two world wars pass, a moon landing and even seeing our country hoist the World Cup, the nation has experienced a lot over our 119 year existence. Now, after over a century of progression and growth to being one of the top five UK based leading specialists in International, European and UK moving, we’ve hit a big milestone!


This April, we’re all set to hit the big milestone of our millionth move. We think it’s kind of a big deal, so to mark the occasion, we’re letting you get involved in our celebrations, as we offer our lucky millionth customer their move for free.

A million

To provide some context as to just how pleased we are to hit the million mark, we’ve looked into the grand scale of the number.

  • With total populations of under one million, the countries Fiji, Qatar, Cyprus and even the FIFA football playing nations of Iceland, Luxembourg and Andorra all have total resident numbers below the million mark.


  • In fact, if you take the average family of four, comprising of two parents and two children, that means we’ll have moved roughly four million people over our existence, that’s larger than the population of Wales, whose population is is just over the three million mark.


  • The circumference of the earth, around the equator is only 24,901.55 miles in distance, so just imagine how many laps of the world we’ve done over the course of our million moves.


  • In fact, at their theoretical closest points, the Earth and Mars are only a mere 33.9 million miles apart, meaning that if, over the course of our million moves, the average distance per move is over 33.9 miles, we’ve travelled far enough over our 119 year history to reach the red planet.


If these stats aren’t enough to blow you away and demonstrate the sheer scale of our million moves, then keep your eyes peeled! We’re really excited about our celebrations over the coming month, so we’ll be sure to divulge plenty more information on our big milestone throughout the course of April. If you want the chance to be involved in our celebrations, make sure you head over to our website.