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What is the average cost of a shipping container?

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Shipping is one of the most cost-effective transportation methods. A shipping container offers a fast, reliable and secure service so it is no wonder why so many people choose the technique when moving abroad.

How is the price calculated?

  • Item
  • Original destination
  • Port of exit
  • Distance
  • Packing
  • Labour
  • Insurance
  • Exclusivity

Whether it is a single fragile item or a full container load, the price will differ between shipping firms. The cost will depend on where your belongings are being moved from and where they are being shipped to.

The price may also include packaging services and insurance so it is important to find out exactly what you get for the shipping rate.

Do you have to share?

The average cost of a shipping container will also vary on whether or not you are sharing. You can get sole use of a container but this is more expensive than shared shipping.

Here are some average prices based on 20ft containers which would fit roughly all the contents of a 3-bedroom house (assuming it cleared customs and was delivered to residence, unpacked and unwrapped)

  • Moving from the UK to USA                    £4,000-£5,500 excluding insurance
  • Moving from the UK to Australia           £4,000-£5,500 excluding insurance

For Australia, ALL consignments are unloaded from the shipping container on arrival. It is not possible for the shipping container that is loaded in the UK to be placed at the delivery address in Australia.

  • Moving from the UK to Canada                      £4,000- £6,000 excluding insurance
  • Moving from the UK to New Zealand            £3,800- £4,800 excluding insurance

You can get an accurate quote by assessing the actual volume of goods to be moved via our quotation form; or simply give us a call and we’ll arrange a visit.


Photo Credit: Unsplash