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Age old tips to help you move home

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Moving can be very stressful, especially when you’ve been living in the same area for a number of years; it’s amazing just how much junk you can accumulate. But you’ve got to be ruthless! Throw out any old papers, cheque books, accounts, receipts, magazines and other useless stuff you haven’t looked at for over a year. Remember to shred sensitive documents. And be positive!

However, there are a few things that should be understood before a move is attempted:

– Moving is hard; no matter how it is done, it’s a back-breaking job that will take more time than you wish to spend on such a task.

– The more people you invite to help means the more people you will have to help move when the time comes.

– Always feed the people who help you. This will give then strength and they deserve it.

– Beer seems like a good idea in order to get people to help; but be warned, the amount of beer being drank is directly proportional to the number of items that will get broken.

– If you have children send them away or tell them to avoid you. You will yell at them before the day is over. Just accept this fact and take the appropriate actions.

– It’s OK not to unpack anything that first night. However, do set up the bed; no matter how late it is or how tired you are you will be glad you did this come the morning.

– Use a removals firm, and don’t be cheap about this. One trip is much better than many little trips.

– Take this opportunity to not only pack your children’s rooms, but to also throw out unused toys. This will save you time in packing and when asked by your child for the head to his Power Ranger figure, you can say without guilt that it must have been lost in the move.

– Have a garage sale before you move (see the heading on Moving Sales further on in this entry); it will give you some extra spending cash and what you sell you will not have to move.

– Tell yourself – a move is a good thing. Things will only improve from this point on. Keep telling yourself these things. This may be your only salvation during a period that is sure to be back-breaking physically, draining emotionally, and difficult mentally.


Photo Credit: Unsplash