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6 reasons you can save money by relocating to the countryside

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

There are many reasons why people move home and for some they crave a quiet, peaceful lifestyle. It is for this reason why the countryside is a hotspot for relocation and more and more homeowners are uprooting themselves from a cosmopolitan city to the rural outskirts.

A country home offers a slower pace of life but don’t be fooled as it will be a culture shock. You will be surrounded by fields and farm animals in contrast to city skyscrapers and museums.

But did you know that you can actually save money by moving to the countryside? Here are 6 reasons on how you can cut costs by moving to a rural area:

1. Affordable housing

In comparison to London’s housing market, the countryside is much more affordable. You can save money on reduced rents and lower property prices.

2. Council tax

As well as cheaper housing, you can also benefit from a reduced annual council tax bill.

3. Motor bills

Now this is debatable; on one hand you can cut motor bills because instead of making many short drives in heavy traffic to work and back, you can make fewer long motorway drives. This should help to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

However, one can also argue that you need to commute to work whereas in a city, you could get around via public transport. Also, many countryside petrol stations tend to have higher fuel prices so the key is to take advantage of the rural lifestyle and cycle/run where possible instead of using the car.

4. Childcare costs

The childcare fees in cities are normally higher than the outskirts. This is because many people work longer hours and overall living costs are higher. Another reason you may save money on childcare costs is by having a flexible working schedule. By moving to the countryside, you may be able to work a number of days from home instead of travelling to the office.

5. Shopping items

You can save money on your household shopping basket by purchasing from the locals as well as producing your own produce. Instead of buying eggs from the supermarket, you can get some chickens and make your own.

Also, the location means supermarkets aren’t very close by so you could cut out any unnecessary food buying. One big shop a week means you can plan ahead and save money on food wastage.

6. Insurance

Many rural areas have lower crime rates and road traffic accidents so this will help to reduce your insurance premiums on the house and car.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash