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3 Must-Haves for a Successful Move

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

Thousands of Britons move house every week, and almost all experience the stress that can come with a high-pressure move. Even a simple home can require a plethora of removals requirements, from secure possessions to a reliable removals service. The potential for damage and danger can also be high, with high-value possessions at risk of damage, and removals helpers potentially endangered under health and safety.

However, with the right combination of must-have removals factors, your down-the-street or across-the-country move can be a success. Before you pack away a single book, make sure you’ve got these three removals must-haves ready:successful removals

1.    Strong and flexible storage.

That’s flexible in terms of storage space, not construction. It’s best to look for storage equipment that can house and protect your possessions and valuables. Store items according to size, weight, and value, with similarly shaped and composed items put together in the same storage containers. Ultra-valuables are best left on your person, or at the very least in your own moving vehicle.

2.    A reliable removals company.

There’s nothing worse than uncertainty during a move. Pick a removals team that’s professional, not just the cheapest provider in the area. Almost all experienced removals teams will be able to provide insurance and equipment that suits you. Piece of mind is important, and sometimes it takes a professional removals company to provide it, especially when valuables are on the line.

3.    Excess time.

It’s amazing how many small things can go wrong during a move. These aren’t minor disasters, only small hiccups, but the amount of time they can drain is still incredible. Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need, and treat distractions and hold-ups as an inconvenience, not a crisis.