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Leave your hoarding trait behind

Written by Robinsons Relo
Storage Specialist

If you’re planning a move then you’ll have lots on your mind, and packing away your belongings for removal will just be one of many things on your mental checklist. Whilst to many, the packing process is just one more chore involved with moving, we think it is an ideal opportunity for you to have a good old clear out. There’s no need to have a junk draw, a cluttered office or a wardrobe full of unworn clothing in the new home. Here are our top tips on how to de-clutter ahead of your move as we highlight those obsolete items we all have, encouraging you to make the big move with a lighter load.

1. Clothing

This is one we are all guilty of, leaving clothes to hang for years untouched in the wardrobe, refusing to throw them away in case you wake up one morning and it miraculously fits again, or is suddenly at the height of fashion. What we need to accept is this will likely never happen and that new wardrobe in your new home needs to be orderly, and will look much nicer if it weren’t bursting at the seams.

2. Junk drawer

All houses have them, whether it is brimming with a collection of jumbled keys for old locks, a phone charger to a phone you no longer own, or an assortment of local takeaway menus. Needless to say they are full of a copious amount of junk which well and truly does not deserve to be packed up and unpacked into your new home.  No doubt you’ll start the junk draw all over again in your new home, but for the time being, it’s a fair assessment that you can bin most of these items.

3. Documents

Old bank statements, receipts and bills often feel like they deserve a spot in a drawer or folder somewhere, despite the fact that they frequently have no use to us. Especially with the advances in online banking, there is no longer any need to hold on to these outdated documents, so get shredding. Take care that you dispose of these personal documents carefully, and don’t go overboard, as you’ll often need receipts and statements from the past three months or so.

4. Old toiletries and makeup

Without being overly stereotypical, the chances are that this point is more related to the ladies. Makeup does have an expiry date so holding out to that half used three month old mascara in case of emergencies may not be the best idea for yourself as well as the clutter it causes. Secondly, if your bathroom cabinet is overflowing with half used bottles of shampoo and conditioner, bin them; the space is worth more than the retail price.

5. Spare bedding or towels

Living in a home, you’ll often replace items such as bedding and towels, however even though we buy in new items, it is often the case that we hoard to old ones rather than binning them. It’s likely that you have your best bedding in use most of the time, with a spare sat in a cupboard that is used from time to time. This is all you really need, and if you’ve got a third and fourth string set packed away on the off chance they’re needed then you need to have a clear out. Before the big move, ask yourself, when are you intending on using it? If you can’t envisage them being used in the next 6 months they ought to be left behind.

6. Outdated Technology

Through the packing process I’m sure the loft has spurred many trips down memory lane, with old VHS videos, tapes, PlayStation games and so on. First question, do you still have the device necessary to play these? And secondly, even if you do, would you prefer to watch a VHR over a DVD?

7. Broken jewellery

If you’ve been holding out for that missing earing or clasp off your favourite bracelet to turn up we understand. If you have a collection of old outdated jewellery that you scarcely wear, why not cash it in. Precious metals such as gold and silver are still valuable, even if the jewellery itself is no longer fit to be worn.

8. Old underwear

For the sake of a fresh start, the old boxer shorts, miss fitting bras, laddered tights and holey socks need to go. Get into a routine of buying in new underwear and throwing out the oldest and tattiest, meaning you’ll never again be greeted by an overflowing drawer of tatty garments when dressing on a morning.

9. Broken or cracked crockery

There’s no easier way to make a kitchen feel cluttered than an infestation of mismatching, old and tattered cups and plates. To match your new home why not invest in a new matching set, or ditch the broken ones and take the best ones with you?

10. Old cards and letters

As Christmas and birthdays are annual occasions, not throwing away greeting cards can create a monumental amount of clutter. Aside from the rare highly sentimental card, there appears to be very little reason to keep these, so spare a minute to have a read through and through away those with little value.


Photo Credit: partymonstrrrr via Compfight cc