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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy & Code of Conduct

At Robinsons Relocation willingly accept that we have a responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment, and seek to minimise it through the way we conduct our business.

We maintain and monitor our responsibilities through our Environmental Management System

We are fully committed to protecting and wherever possible enhancing the various different environments and communities within which we operate and we seek to ensure that all of our activities are operated safely and in line with our separate Health and Safety Policy.

Our whole approach to corporate responsibility is based on the following values:

What we believe in

  • Operating to the highest ethical as well as professional standards.
  • Safeguarding the communities and environment that we come into contact with.
  • Adopting approved codes of conduct to protect the environment within which we operate.
  • Raising funds for and awareness of charities.
  • Regularly monitoring, auditing and reviewing our own performance to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Respecting and empowering our employees, involving them on environmental issues and raising awareness of their responsibilities.
  • Providing training and support to facilitate that empowerment.
  • Operating comprehensive Environmental and Compliance in an effort to reduce our significant negative environmental aspects.
  • Providing a fair and balanced approach to employment in accordance with the UK Equality Act 2010 with the avoidance of cronyism & nepotism, whereby individuals are employed based on their suitability, ability and qualification for the role. This involves an impartial interview and recruitment process involving more than one responsible individual.
  • Fair recompense for true expenses incurred while undertaking company business.
  • Reasonable bonus schemes for exceptional performance.
  • Appropriate levels of gifts and gifting.

How we make our contribution

  • We constantly raise environmental awareness, and make our policy available to all employees and interested stakeholders via our website and company intranet.
  • Encourage employees to act responsibility and promotes schemes such as ‘Ride to Work’
  • We foster a fair and just working environment that encourages each employee to operate to his or her full potential, does not discriminate in terms of backgrounds or beliefs, and does not tolerate any harassment of either a racial, sexual, mental or physical nature.
  • We seek to enable employees to achieve a satisfactory work/life balance.
  • We actively encourage constructive dialogue and feedback with employees, both individually and collectively and at all levels.
  • Actively support charity fund raising events.
  • We seek to use cleaner fuel and minimise our fuel consumption, by continuing our use of low sulphur diesel.
  • We seek to improve the vehicle scheduling through training and effective management systems.
  • We keep our fleet of vehicles regularly serviced and well maintained.
  • We purchase new euro-standard vehicles.
  • We re-use materials wherever possible.
  • Used packing material is recycled.
  • Minimise the use of Gas and electricity.
  • Utilise timber supplied from sustainable resources

Our impact on our supply chain

We recognise that our impact is not solely contained within our own activities. We also work closely with our commercial customers and those businesses we purchase goods and services from. We require our contractors and suppliers to comply with the law and encourage them to adopt standards that are compatible with our own.

We communicate this policy and relevant guidance to employees across the Group, through our established internal communication channels. We also communicate this policy to our suppliers, contractors and business partners and wider stakeholders.  Managers, employees and agents receive relevant training on how to implement this policy in the scope of their employment with the Group.

This policy is implemented in conjunction with the guidance on giving and accepting gifts and hospitality outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Employment and forms part of our induction training and Staff handbook.

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