Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park onsite?

Yes. Free parking is provided to all our self-store customers.

Is there disabled access?

Yes, there is: we have a full sized passenger/goods lift, ramp access, full washroom facilities and emergency alarm/call assistance switch.  Please liaise with the store for additional information.

What happens if I lose my padlock key/forget my combination?

We can cut your lock off should this be necessary – don’t forget to provide a new padlock to secure your storage unit afterwards. There is a £10 charge for lock cutting, or it is free if you purchase a new lock in the store.

We keep a log of your security access code to the building – if you forget this we can go through some security questions with you and remind you of what this is

We offer a key holding service as well.  Please contact the store for terms and conditions.

Can I drive up to my lock up?

You can drive up to the loading bay and offload the items onto our free trolleys.

Do you provide free use of trolleys?

Yes, we have several trolleys available in the loading bay. Please return the trolleys back to their designated area once you have finished using them.

Will Robinsons self-storage help me pack my storage in my unit?

No, we don’t provide this service. It is your responsibility to move your items to/from your storage unit. Free trolleys are available from the loading bay.

Who has access to my storage unit?

The only persons who can access your storage unit are the ones you have granted permission in your account details. You will have to give them your access code and the key to your padlock.

What are your opening times?

Our self-storage facilities are opened Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm, Saturday between 9am and 5pm and Sunday between 10am and 2pm.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my PIN entry code?

For security reasons, you will need to contact the store directly on 01235 55 22 77 and the store manager will take you through some security questions in order to confirm your identity, and re-issue a PIN entry code.

Do you charge access fees?

Access during opening hours is free of charge.

Can I store someone else’s items?

Yes. As long as you have been given authority to store them in your storage unit on behalf of their owner. You are solely responsible for allowing designated people access your storage unit. Each individual must be named on your account and in possession of both your access code and the key to your padlock.

Can I allow other people to access my storage unit?

Yes. They would need to be named on your account and be in possession of both your access code and the key for your padlock.

Can I use electric appliances in my storage unit?

No. There is no socket in the storage units.

Why choose Robinsons?

  • Market leading

    We provide a fast, convenient, reliable and professional service that makes use of the latest materials and technologies. This makes us stand out from the crowd.

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    We’ve been helping people move and store their personal belongings for more than a century. This has equipped us for any eventuality on moving day.

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    Our customer-focused approach is what sets us apart in the removals industry. Excellent customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Flexible service

    Our staff want to make moving house as simple for you as possible, whatever your requirements. Speak to one of our team today and they'll talk you through the Robinsons process.