International Shipping Services

Robinsons is one of the most trusted international shipping and container shipping companies in the UK. When timing is crucial, it’s important to choose a shipping company who will provide a fast, efficient and secure global shipping service to meet your individual needs.

With our regular worldwide packing and shipping service, Robinsons can give you a business advantage over your competitors. Our buying power enables us to negotiate extremely competitive terms with freight suppliers ensuring you receive value for money on a global basis.

Regular shipments worldwide brings benefits to you and your customers:-

 •   Dedicated Distribution Centers

 •   Reduced lead times benefit your customers

 •   Faster deliveries improve your cash flow

 •   Quality assurance with professional knowledge

 •   Freedom to buy and ship as required

 •   Frequent shipments eliminate the need for unnecessary storage

When you book a shipment with Robinsons your order becomes the responsibility of your personally dedicated Account Manager who will co-ordinate, inform and advise you on the shipping process.

Your Account Manager will ensure regular communication, so that any problems or concerns are picked up early and resolved quickly.

All Account Managers have immediate, real-time access to up-to-date information on the very latest customs regulations and destination country information worldwide. He or she will discuss and record the timing and scheduling of the shipment in detail, including details on vessel sailing and arrival times, import duties, customs clearance procedures and ever changing restrictions.

Your Robinsons Account Manager is specially trained to interpret customs regulations, which are sometimes complicated, into terms that are easy to understand. To ensure all angles are covered, the Account Manager will also cross-reference all information with our partner in the destination country.

Robinsons International has been at the forefront of transporting, packing and shipping of antiques and fine furniture for over 100 years. Whether a single fragile item or a full container load, we provide a safe and efficient packing and shipping service at a competitive price.

Door-To-Door Worldwide

Robinsons will collect from any address in the UK or Europe and deliver door to door to anywhere in the world, whether it's Manchester, Moscow or Matsuyama. Our network of moving partners around the world ensures a fast shipping service for you. We also attend to all the customs formalities in the UK and any port in the world we ship to.

We can collect from the manufacturer or dealer and pack, load and ship out from the UK within seven working days. There's no delay waiting for other consignments to complete the container. Worldwide, we share a partnership with over 260 independent companies in more than 70 countries, covering 58 languages and all time zones. The truly independent nature of all partners provides complete customer flexibility at all times. Because we select the very best against exacting criteria, with a strong focus on customer care and professionalism, you can be confident that we will always select the best partner to ensure the highest levels of customer service and care regardless of destination.

Regular shipments to the USA

Once a week, every week, Robinsons International despatch dedicated containers to the USA.

Quality service all the way

All our services are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of overseas buyers, private collectors, interior designers and furniture manufacturers.

All work undertaken is subject to the British International Freight Association (BIFA) - Standard Trading Conditions 2005 Edition.

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By taking advantage of our regular service to the US you can be sure your purchases will reach you faster, improving your cash flow and giving you a business edge over your competitors.

This guaranteed regular service provides the following benefits as well as giving you the freedom to buy and ship as required without the need to invest in additional inventory that may not sell immediately.

  • Faster deliveries improve your cash flow

  • Buy and ship as much or as little as you need

  • Door to door - a more cost effective service

  • Reduced lead times benefit your customers

  • Air freight service when timing is crucial

  • Expert packing minimises risk

  • Frequent shipments eliminate unnecessary storage

  • Our professional knowledge assures quality

At Robinsons, we pride ourselves in providing expert packaging for each item we handle. Our in-house team of experts undergo regular training programmes to ensure the very latest materials and techniques are used to ensure an efficient, cost effective and safe delivery.

Each consignment will require differing degrees of protection depending on its fragility and destination.

We provide a wide range of packing options from soft wrapping with acid-free tissue and bubble wrap through to high quality cardboard casing and bespoke wooden cases.

All wooden cases are custom-made by our staff on-site so each will be individually created for the items being shipped, offering the maximum protection in transit. The timber used to build the bespoke cases is all from approved suppliers that use wood from sustainable forests. All cases are marked accordingly to ensure a smooth passage through Customs.

Our many years of experience and vast expertise means we are able to provide a complete range of freight services to meet every collection and delivery requirement regardless of size or destination. We collect nationwide on a regular basis and our national trunker network ensures prompt collection within the UK. Each of our dedicated warehouses provides modern lifting and loading devices ensuring we are equipped to handle all types of consignments.

We can advise and arrange a choice of transport methods to best suit your individual requirements which include:

Land - For destinations within the UK and mainland Europe, we are able to deliver goods utilising our own fleet of modern, purpose built vehicles to provide a complete door to door service.

Air - When time is of the essence, your consignment can be delivered quickly by utilising Robinsons air freight service.

This option is generally more expensive although Robinsons Relocation has excellent purchasing power in the airfreight market and our associates operate many consolidation services which have reduced the cost of air cargo in recent years.

Sea - Shipments are normally conveyed in steel shipping containers (either 20' or 40' in length) which carry your consignment. Containers are shipped with reliable shipping lines providing modern equipment and vessels, and containers remain unopened until they arrive at their destination.

Seafreight is the most cost-effective option for shipping anything from a single item to a full container load.

Our marine policy provides all-risks insurance protection for your shipment moving by land, sea and air. This policy offers you "all risks" coverage door-to-door, subject to the terms and conditions.

Peace of mind

We take every care to transport your possessions safely. But given the distances involved and the rigours of international transit, goods on very rare occasions do get lost and/or damaged. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to ensure that you are covered for any loss which may occur.

Your Account Manager will provide you with the necessary documentation to complete - the form has been designed to be as simple as possible, but you will need to list all the items you are moving and give their replacement value.

Cover during storage

Remember to keep the cover in force until your goods arrive at their final destination. The policy automatically provides some cover on arrival in the destination country but this is limited to 60 days storage only. If you need to keep the goods in store for longer than this, you must tell us and we will arrange for the policy to be extended. You will have to pay an additional premium for such an extension.


Despite everybody's best intentions, accidents do happen from time to time. In the event of loss or damage, you should give notice to Robinsons International within 30 days after delivery or 30 days after the scheduled delivery date, in the event of non- delivery. It is important that full details of any losses and /or damages are provided at the time of notification.

As an appointed representative of Lonham Marine Underwriters acting for and on behalf of certain underwriters at Lloyds, we can offer extremely competitive rates of insurance for goods whilst in transit.

For full details of our insurance and its terms, please see our Marine insurance application form below.

Marine insurance application form (3,5 MB PDF)