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Recession no barrier for professionals

The recession crisis is driving British professionals to look at job opportunities around the globe.

According to a recent survey conducted by Hydrogen Research, 94 per cent of elite professionals are either already working internationally or wanting to do so.

The team behind the ‘2010 Hydrogen Global Professionals on the Move Report’ surveyed more than 3,100 professionals from over 70 countries. On average survey respondents earned an annual salary of £84,855 and almost all held a professional qualification or above, over half attaining a postgraduate degree such as an MBA or PHD.

And results showed that most professionals were looking for temporary periods abroad, not a permanent relocation, with 64 per cent willing to work in another country for up to five years.

Existing research on workers moving abroad has centred on junior or lower skilled workers for whom the recession is a key driver to moving abroad for work.

This study however looked at professional level employees and how mobile they are with their career, finding that they are flexible and willing to work with the recruiter that offers the best global opportunities.

Yet the economic downturn is not the only reason people have moved abroad. 60 per cent of respondents said it was a proactive career and life choice motivated by the desire to fast track their career and boost their personal development.

And higher salaries were not top priority either. The survey found that professionals are looking for a move which will have the right fit for their overall career and life plan to be worth even considering.

The research also looked at preferred countries and reasons for considering a move abroad in the professional disciplines of finance, technology, engineering, legal and HR. Overall, the US, UK and Australia were consistently the top countries preferred by this demographic.

Engineering, technology, law and finance sectors are most buoyant in Singapore and other countries in Asia, as well as in the Middle East.

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