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Perfect Packing Plan With Robinsons: Part Two


  • Duvets, pillows and lighter bulky items are best strapped with handywrap and then stored in extra large boxes. You could even put fragile items inside the boxes, but just don’t forget that they are there.
  • Take your bedframes to bits. Keep all items together with handywrap and store all nuts and bolts in a self seal bag. Make sure you label each bag and don’t mix it with other furniture as it will be a nightmare to reassemble.
  • Protect your mattress with a mattress cover or a large plastic sheet.
  • All hung clothing is best stored inside a wardrobe box – simply move the hangers straight into the box. Place shoes at the bottom. Wardrobe boxes can also act as temporary storage units until you find the time to unpack properly. Loose clothing in drawers is best stored in suitcases or suitcase boxes.
  • For books, use only book boxes as they get heavy, very fast. Use the sides of the box to slide paper backs down if there is free space. Lay the books flat inside the box to avoid bending the spine.
  • Place all curtain rails and blinds in a protective bag and secure with handy-wrap.
  • Dressers – Fill the drawers with loose items and cushion with loose clothing. Don’t overfill them as this will make it harder to carry. Seal the drawers with tap or a lock so they don’t open when carrying.
  • Any valuables should be kept with you at all times. Jewellery should be placed into small containers making sure that they don’t get tangled up.

In Part Three we will be looking at the lounge and how you can pack your personal belongings properly to ensure a safe and efficient move.

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